Item Code : EH-08423

Any Custom Requirements:

size ............5x5 inch 
metal type ..... . iron 
handmade ............ yes 

Metal Cutout Crowns: Metal bucket pots comes in variable size, one is larger than the other. 
Home decor accessory is crafted in crown motif. 
Features a captivating design with intricate cutout details based on ancient theme
Material Used: crown bucket pots are manufactured with high-quality galvanized iron.
 Galvanizing includes coating of iron with zinc. Protective zinc coating prevents rusting and makes garden pots durable
Planter Pot Construction: garden accessory features an exclusive design, 
handcrafted by experienced artisans with galvanized iron. 
Iron bucket pot comes with a unique design and would not have an identical product because of handmade nature
Application: multi-functional bucket pots can be used for planting small to medium-sized plants 
like succulents and some other indoor plants. Can be used as a centerpiece in any living space.
You can also use this decor item for decorating your porch

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