Item Code : EH-693

Any Custom Requirements:

Bowl Size                                     :             6x3 inch ,  (15x7.50 cm )
Needle Size                                  :            8 inches ( 20 cm )
Material                                        :             Dyed Wood 
Scientific name of wood               :            Mangifera Indica 
Common name of wood              :            Mango wood 
Finish type                                   :            polish 
Color                                            :             Multiple colors 
cheese speader included            :             Yes 
Approx weight                             :             0.280 To 0.350 Kg (0.617 To 0.771 Lb)
Box size                                      :              8x6x3 inches (20x157.50 cm )

Wood Care and Maintainance :

The Finish on wooden items when exposed to an environment with substantial temperature changes 
(Moisture, sun & salt air) can change over time. It’s uncommon and user should expect some swelling 
discolouration or possible surface cracks due to the outside exposure and changes in the weather. 
These are considered natural occurrences of wood and should not be considered as a product defect. 
To prolong the life of your item you should consider placing under covered area. 

1: Immediately remove all liquids on wood surfaces by blotting them dry (moisture is not your wooden 
    item’s friend) 
2: wood will expand and contract with seasonal humidity changes.  Maintain consistent humidity levels 
    to minimize movement in the wood and prevent warping.

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